Boosts your productivity in 3 minutes

85% of technical translators using Termsoup increase their translation speed by 50% on average, and some by even up to 400%, compared to using Microsoft Word. Termsoup seamlessly integrates the features and resources you need on one page and boosts your productivity the moment you start to use it.


Zhao Yi, Chinese - Japanese translator
Chyn Yunpu, Chinese-English translator
Su Jianjian, Chinese - Japanese translator
Olivia 詹雅惠
Olivia Chan, Technical translator

Features That Boost Your Speed

Highlight to look up terms

Highlighting source text to look them up from a variety of trusted sources instantly. Click the translation to use it. No copy/paste needed!
look up term

Reuse translations instantly

Once you've saved a term to your glossary, Termsoup will show you its translation when the term shows up again in your source text. Click the translation to use it. No copy/paste needed!
autosuggest glossary

Automatically Generate Translation Memory

Termsoup automatically stores your source and target sentences as a set. When a matched or similar source text shows up, Termsoup will automatically show you the corresponding target text. You can decide whether to reuse the translation.

Support For Common File Formats

Termsoup supports rich text, docx, slx, ppt, srt, and XLIFF files. The layout of your target text will remain the same as the source.
supported file formats

Maintain Consistency in Collaboration

Share glossaries and translation memories with your collaborators to ensure all terms and translations are consistent.
edit history

Data security

Termsoup adopts many security measures to protect your data, including forcing SSL connections and preventing multiple simultaneous logins and brute force attack. You data is also stored in highly secure data centers hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Share/Import/Export your glossary anytime

You can share your glossary with your partners and all Termsoup users. Import or export your glossaries anytime. No more messy xls files.