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Say goodbye to copy and paste. No more constantly switching tabs and windows.

Are you still using Word to complete your translations? Word is great for creating documents, but not for translating. Translation is a complex process which involves a multitude of activities such as: looking up terms, managing glossaries, and term consistency. This requires a smarter and more efficient way to translate.

  • No more copy and paste

    Translators know the "copy and paste" method all too well. With Termsoup, just click or highlight the source text and the translation will immediately pop-up on the same page. No copy and paste necessary!

  • Integrate everything you need onto one page

    We integrate numerous internet resources and features that can boost productivity onto one page. According to our users, Termsoup increased their translation speed by 50-400%.

  • Easy to manage glossaries

    Staying consistent is always a challenge for translators. By using Termsoup, you can get rid of your vocabulary glossaries saved onto excel files. One click will save your glossaries to your Termsoup account.

  • Translation memory and machine translation

    If there is an identical or similar sentence in the source text, you don't need to translate it all over agin. By using translation memory, you can resue the parts that you have already translated. We also provide Google and Baidu machine translation for your reference.

  • Auto backup mechanism

    Have you ever had the painful experience of losing your translation file? We know how frusturating that can be. We constantly save your files and auto-backup your content to your Google Drive account every 4 hours.

  • Collaboration

    Are you working with another translator and trying to make sure you are both following the same styles, protocols, usages, etc? Termsoup offers you the easiest way to collaborate and sync work with your partners.

My hourly wage increased by US$10 all because of Termsoup. Thank you Termsoup team!

- Chinese - Japanese translators Zhao Yi

Termsoup integrates all resources I need on one single page, no more switching between pages! It really saves me a ton of time. It has become an indispensable translation tool for me!

- Chinese-English translator KH

Now I only spend half the time I used to spend to finish my work. Providing all the information I need on one page is really helpful.

- Chinese - Japanese translators Jian Jian
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