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Generating and using translation memory

Generating translation memory

When you translate, each pair of your source and target sentences, or segments, will be saved automatically as a translation unit and become part of your translation memory (TM). There's nothing you have to do to generate your TM. Termsoup will save them automatically.

Using translation memory

1. Click the "Translation Memory" icon on the right side.

2. Place your cursor in the text area of the sentence that you want to look up in the translation memory. If there is a match, it will show up on the TM panel.

3. Click the translation unit (in green) you want to use.

4. The translation unit is pasted into the text area.

  • Translation units are ordered by similarity (100% being a perfect match). The unit with the highest similarity is placed in first.
  • The TM comparison displays the differences between source and target texts. Differences will be highlighted in red and blue.