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Share terms with Termsoup users

Termsoup's goals are to accelerate knowledge-sharing and empower people. We want to build a mechanism among translators so that they can translate more efficiently, develop personal visibility, and create a better community for translation. Our first step to make this happen is to let you share the terms you have created, allowing other Termsoup users to see your contribution.

Sharing terms

You can share your terms when adding them to your glossary.

Or you can go to "Glossaries" to share them on term-by-term or file-by-file basis.

Sharing rules:

  • Only file owners or project managers have sharing permissions. Collaborators are not allowed to share terms in this fashion.
  • You can change sharing permissions on a term-by-term or file-by-file basis.

What information will be displayed?

When you decide to share your terms, you can do so with or without disclosing your name. If you decide to share, other Termsoup users who work in the same language pair as you do will have the chance to see your terms. The information they see will depend on the share setting for the term:

  • Tags and notes attached to your terms (if any) will not be displayed in any way.
  • Users who see your terms can "Like" your contribution.
  • You can go to "Glossaries" to see the number of Likes each term has received.


Named sharing: displays the source text, the target text, your displayed name, your profile image and the number of Likes.

Anonymous sharing: displays only the source text, the target text and the number of Likes.

Terminating sharing

You can go to "Glossaries" to terminate the sharing anytime.