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Termsoup is the first translation software that strives to make the book translators' job easier. With Termsoup, translators can improve their translation speed by 53% on average. 92% of literary translators say, "There's no going back to Word anymore." Sign up now and give it a try!

What users say about us

When I get up in the morning, one of the websites I go to immediately is Termsoup. I just can't translate without it, and I definitely can't go back to Word. Segmentation helps me avoid omissions, while translation memory and auto-suggestion keep my translations consistent. Most importantly, the interface is intuitive. I learned how to use it in a very short time.
Liu Wei-ren, Chinese-English translator
I am so glad that I've been using Termsoup since day one. It's a good investment. I love the proofreading mode, where I can proofread my work sentence by sentence, yet at the same time have a complete understanding of the whole article. I also like to read the daily report as it encourages me to keep going.
Liao Pei-xin, Chinese-English translator
I'm a book translator and I can't live without Termsoup. I've been using it since the day I knew it. It has become an indispensable translation tool for me!
Hsu Ke-hsin, Chinese-English translator

Features to Boost Productivity

Highlight to look up terms

Highlighting source text to look them up from a variety of trusted sources instantly. Click the translation to use it. No copy/paste needed! Learn more
look up term

Quick compose

Click on terms or press shortcut key to reuse saved terms. No copy/paste needed! Learn more
autosuggest glossary

Word-like bilingual proofread layout

Proofread with a complete sense of the whole article with our Word-like proofreading layout, and still enjoy the benefits of segmentation.
proofread translation

Easy communication. No more messy email threads

Sick of messy email threads? Invite your editors to collaborate on your document and discuss on Termsoup! Learn more
comment translation

Record each edit of your translation

Every time you edit your translation, Termsoup records your changes. And you can revert to any previous edit at any time.
edit history

Auto Google drive backup

Connect your Termsoup account to your Google account, and we'll back up your latest updates to your Google account automatically, ensuring your data security.

Share/Import/Export your glossary anytime

You can share your glossary with your partners and all Termsoup users. Import or export your glossaries anytime. No more messy xls files.
Quiet Is a Superpower 安靜是種超能力
伊卡洛斯之翼 Air Born
法式刺繡針法全書 프랑스자수 스티치 대백과
巴黎左岸1940-1950 left bank
生命力!解鎖人生密碼:當王牌律師遇見心靈大師 The Power of Vital Force
1,000+ books are translated with Termsoup and counting! Learn more

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