Use Cases

Make all translations your company's asset

Are you still using Word file to translate your documents? For companies, the disadvantage of using Word to translate is that all contents can be hard to reuse in the future. However, using translation-assisted translation software to translate can not only improve translation efficiency but also make contents an asset of your company.

  • Accumulate your digital content

    All original text and correspondent translation are stored in a reusable fashion. No matter how your staff turnover, your contents remain stable and organized.

  • Control translation quality

    Our easy-to-use collaboration feature allows you to keep updated on the company's latest translation progress anytime, anywhere. All terms, protocols, and usages can also be kept consistent among translators inside or outside of your company.

  • Translation memory

    If there is a same or similar sentence in the original text, reuse your previous translation in the fastest way by using our translation memory (TM) feature.

  • Machine translation

    We understand that machine translation can be a useful tool for company clients. We currently provide Google Neural Machine Translation and Baidu machine translation for your reference.

Although I am not a legal specialist, I still can translate a legal document with 5,000 words in two days using Termsoup. This tool is great for me to do translation tasks in my company.

- Coworking space manager Steve

The experience of using Termsoup is pretty much like using Dropbox. Before using it, you are not quite sure whether it will make a difference. But after using it, there's no turning back to the old days. No more endless emails and attached files. I discuss everything with translators on Termsoup, never worry again whether deadlines will be met.

- PM, Dalaran Inc. Joanne
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