Use Cases

Bring students in line with the latest technology

Technology is changing the face of modern translation. Let your students keep up with the latest translation technology is the key to their future career.

  • Keep up with the latest technology

    Our user-friendly interface and powerful features give students a good idea of how modern translation is working. Besides the translation memory, we also provide more than one neural machine translations for students to work with.

  • A useful tool for translation work

    Termsoup runs on a browser and no installation is needed. By bringing your own devices to classrooms equipped with wifi, teachers and students can access our service and translate anytime, anywhere. Also, a document is available for more than one person to edit at a time.

  • Collaboration

    Assigning homework and team project to students with our collaboration feature can save you tons of time. No more endless emails to receive and attached files to open. You can track all edit histories and know exactly how students deal with translation.

Collaboration, translation memory, and glossary auto-suggestion are great! We are more likely to collaborate with each other because of these features.

- Grad school student Jane
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