Use case

Use collaboration to ensure translation consistency and professionalism

Coordinating among editors and writers can be a challenging task. With Termsoup, however, you can always collaborate with them in the easiest way.

  • Accumulate your digital assets

    Each document's source and target text can become a company's asset because of the ability to resue already translated texts, no matter a company's turnover rate.

  • Translation quality

    Our collaboration feature keeps you up-to-date on the latest translation progress anytime, anywhere. All terms, protocols, and usages can also be kept consistent among writers and translators inside or outside of your company.

  • Translation memory and machine translation

    Translation memory and machine translation

  • Collaboration

    Termsoup ensures that contect from different people or departments are translated consistently according to the company's specific language and set translation terms. Also, multiple people can collaborate and discuss article content directly on Termsoup. No need for emails!

Termsoup is really useful. Through collaboration I can always keep in contant with translators in the most efficient way. I would recommend Termsoup to all the translators I know!

- Publisher editor Kathy
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