What are the benefits of using Termsoup?

Friendly Interface

Most of the Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software interfaces are too complicated for their new users; they require deliberate learning to master, and it is very easy to forget your way around them if left unused for a long period of time. 

Contrarily, the development team at Termsoup has upheld the design concept of “Don’t make me think” and made the interface of Termsoup truly intuitive and friendly. We are all capable of learning the most important functions within three minutes, or all of the functions in 30 minutes.

Applicable when original text contains minimal repetitions

The conventional method in which CAT speeds up translation is to use the same, or similar translations repeatedly, and quickly. However, this is only possible if based on the premise that the original text is highly repetitive. If the text you are translating from contains minimal repetitions (e.g. a book), then the average CATs will not be of much help.

On the other hand, Termsoup is completely different. Even if the original texts contain minimal repetitions, Termsoup can still speed up your translation. We have paid special attention to the issue of “looking up original texts”, which translators are often required to do during the translation process, in the hope of minimizing the time translators spend on searching for the translated terms that correspond to the original text.

Those who have done translation works would know that a lot of the time is spent on looking up original texts, and translators do spend a long time searching and verifying the translated terms on the internet. On Termsoup, highlighting the original text is all that is required to generate a search, and then the search result (translated terms) will be listed on the same page, thereby significantly reducing the time it takes for translators to jump between different websites to look up original texts.

Fast-Responding Customer Service

Another important factor to consider before buying a piece of software is good customer service, so as to avoid becoming a software orphan. Termsoup customer service is extremely fast, and users can rest assured that all messages will be promptly processed upon receiving, and no message will be left unanswered.

Flexible Payment

The CATs on the market are often very expensive; a lump sum payment is normally required to obtain a single package, plus additional payments for upgrades or new features. On the other hand, Termsoup charges are extremely flexible. There is no need to pay an expensive amount of money for the software, or its upgrade, and depending on the needs, users can choose to subscribe monthly, or enjoy a discount by paying for a full year.

There is no such thing as the perfect software in the world, only the software that best suits you. Therefore, if you are interested in finding out what software you should use to assist you with translation, visit and read “What CAT should I use”.



Joanne Chou

Joanne is an English-Chinese translator, a UI/UX designer, and the co-founder of Termsoup.