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Highlighting source text to look them up from a variety of trusted sources instantly. Click the translation to use it. No copy/paste needed! Learn more
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You can add terms to your glossary anytime to keep your future translation consistent, or share them with your partners. Learn more

Connect to ChatGPT

Connect to OpenAI's latest LLM technology ChatGPT via API keys in just a few steps! Learn more

Quick compose

Click on terms or press shortcut key to reuse saved terms. No copy/paste needed! Learn more
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Advanced machine translation

Generate machine translation based on your glossary, making your translation even better! Learn more
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Automatically Generate Translation Memory

Termsoup automatically stores your source and target sentences as a set. When a matched or similar source text shows up, Termsoup will automatically show you the corresponding target text. You can decide whether to reuse the translation. Learn more


Collaborate with your colleagues around the world in 10 seconds! Learn more
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Easy communication. No more messy email threads

Sick of messy email threads? Invite your editors to collaborate on your document and discuss on Termsoup! Learn more
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Tutorial video

Tutorial for beginners