Main Features

Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT)

1Click GNMT tag.
2Query by highlighting sentences.
3Click to paste translation.

Term Hotkey

1Click term hotkey button.
2Enter term.
3Press hotkey to use term.

Edit Source Text

1Click sentence number.
2Edit, mark or delete sentence.

External Query

1Highlight source texts.
2Click external links to query.

Query Terms

1Query by highlighting texts.
2Click to paste translation.

Translation Memory (TM)

1Click TM tag to open TM panel.
2TM shows automatically.
3Click to paste TM.


1Query term.
2Click result to add glossary.
3Press ctrl+/ to search glossary.

Proofread Mode

1Click to enter proofread mode.
2Parallel source and target texts.
3Animated graphic showing progress.
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