Why we develope Termsoup?

Most CAT tools are designed for technical documents. They are usually difficult to use and expensive. To provide an affordable, easy-to-use and elegant tool for translators, we began to develop Termsoup since 2016.
We also take book translators' needs into account when designing Termsoup, hoping to support them in any way. Now, more than 300 books are translated with Termsoup.


Joanne Chou

Joanne Chou, CEO

I'm a translator and a UI/UX designer. In the past, when I was using Microsoft Word to translate books, I felt it was very cumbersome and inconvenient. Taking a deeper look, I discovered that it's because Word wasn't designed for translating.

Afterwards, I discovered computer-assisted-translation software or CAT tools, but I learned quickly that companies for this type of software hadn't considered the needs of the book translators, and so I decided then and there with Vincent to create our own software. In the process, we got acquainted with many translators, instructors and project managers. The content, writing styles and situations for translating among these different people are not the same, which gave us plenty of valuable ideas.

More than 90% of Termsoup's functions are designed based on everyone's feedback. Right now, there's also a lot of technical translators who are using our software. At present, a lot of translators tell us that Termsoup has made their work and lives better, and this news makes me so ecstatic!

As a website designer, I care a lot about the user experience. My goal is to create a concise and easy-to-use software, and even more importantly, my goal is to make our users happy. I look forward to building up a mechanism for translators to help each other and make our community much more robust and stronger!

Vincent Li

Vincent Li, CTO

A big motivator for me starting Termsoup was to speed up the expansion of knowledge from different languages around the world, and help more people benefit from cross-cultural knowledge. When I walk into a bookstore and I see a book that was translated using Termsoup, I feel very moved!

Through the introduction of Taiwan Wiki, we're very honored to work with The Wikipedia Library, allowing even more active editors from Wiki to use Termsoup and increasing the spread of knowledge! This is a very meaningful milestone!

There's a Termsoup user living in the United Kingdom who likes knitting a lot. She once sent us a big postcard and two hand-knit wool hats! In her postcard, she wrote that Termsoup has helped to raise her productivity and allowed her to have much more time to do the things she likes, making her life more fulfilling.

The greatest motivator for me running and developing Termsoup is the rapid spread of knowledge and helping translators create a more humanized work environment.


A file conversion tool in Termsoup utilizes MateCat-Filters, which is subject to the terms of GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0. We also would like to credit flaticon.com and storyset.com for all materials we use on Termsoup website. You guys have done an amazing job and make our lives much easier!

Termsoup was also enthusiastically assisted by many translators and editors at the beginning of our development. They had interviews with our team and shared their translation experiences with us. They are Alice, Chloe, David, Eric, Jennifer, KC, Ping, Yichen, Jia. Xuan Wang, Junhui Li, and Kelly.

We especially would like to express our thanks to Gaowei Zhang (張高維), Chairman of the Taipei Translators & Interpreters Union, Chengshu Yang (楊承淑), Director of the International Medical Translators and Interpreters Association (IMTIA) of Fu Jen Catholic University.

We would also like to thank students of GDUFS School of Interpreting & Translation Studies 2017 to help us localize simplified Chinese version of Termsoup website. This work is done on January 16, 2018 by Head Hao Chen (陳杲), Project Manager Lihan Ma (馬麗寒) and Translators Wanping Chen (陳婉平), Yuqing Chen (陳軼卿), Jingyi Li (黎靖怡), Yuan Yua (袁媛), Anqi Xu (徐安琪), Huifen Zhu (朱慧芬), Ningxuan Zeng (曾寧妍), Rong Zheng (鄭融), Shuo Zhang (張碩) and Yalin Zhu (朱亞琳).


Contact us

Address: 6F., No.65, Songjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Email: hello@termsoup.com