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Termsoup is a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool with:

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Main Features

Query Terms

1Query by highlighting texts.
2Click to paste translation.

Translation Memory (TM)

1Click TM tag to open TM panel.
2TM shows automatically.
3Click to paste TM.


1Query term.
2Click result to add glossary.
3Press ctrl+/ to search glossary.

Proofread Mode

1Click to enter proofread mode.
2Parallel source and target texts.
3Animated graphic showing progress.

Termsoup Interface


Emily Liu

English - Chinese translator

The interface is simple and intuitive, with features enable me to translate much faster. Highly recommend!


English - Chinese translator

Termsoup integrates many useful websites in one page, I no longer need to switch back and forth among various websites! And translating long articles is no longer painful with this tool. I feel saved!


Korean - Chinese translator

Termsoup interface is clean and easy to use, helping me to finish my job in the most efficient way. I believe this is a revolution!


Japanese - Chinese translator

I was so excited to see this tool. This is exactly what translators need. I expect to see it getting better and better.


English - Chinese translator

Termsoup integrates all resources I need in one single page, no switching among pages is needed anymore! It really saves me tons of time. It is now an indispensable translation tool for me!

Jian Jian

Japanese - Chinese translator

Now I spent only half of the time I used to spend to finish my work. Providing all information I need in one page is very helpful too.

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