How do I know Termsoup is the best CAT tool for me?

Author: Nadia Hlebowitsh (Spanish & English Literary Translator)

So, you’re ready to start using a CAT tool. The big question is: which one?

There are hundreds of CAT tools available, with a range of different features. Each tool has its own style, focus and price. In our (very humble) opinion, Termsoup hits that sweet spot between great features and an affordable price.

With Termsoup, you won’t find a thousand and one features. Instead, we offer a CAT tool that gets the job done, whether you’re a translator, project manager or editor.

What makes Termsoup the best CAT tool for you? You decide below!

A. It’s easy to use.
B. The interface is clean and simple.
C. You get benefits of the tool right away.
D. The interface is specially designed for literary translators.
E. It’s affordable for freelancers.
F. It’s easy to collaborate.
G. No download or installation necessary.
H. It’s compatible with operating systems other than Windows.
I. It auto-saves your work.
J…. all of the above!

It’s easy to use.

Termsoup is seriously user-friendly. That’s because it was designed with translators’ top features in mind. On Termsoup, you won’t get bogged down with extras that you never use. We’ve picked the best CAT features and made them simple and practical.

This is key, considering that 46% translators say their biggest concern when deciding on a CAT tool is that it’s hard to use. Termsoup gives you peace of mind by streamlining the platform with the most sought-after features.

The interface is clean and elegant.

If you’ve ever tried some CAT tools, you know what we’re talking about. Some tools have old-fashioned style and some can be very messy.

Termsoup has a different philosophy when it comes to the interface. The minimalist look of Termsoup is designed to help translators focus on their work, instead of interrupting them. But the zen-style of Termsoup doesn’t mean it won’t make you smile. After translators complete work or proofreading, they’re greeted with a confetti surprise!


You get benefits of the tool right away.

Unlike other tools that require hefty set-up, Termsoup is an out-of-the-box CAT tool. You can see the benefits of using Termsoup right away.

Other big-name CAT tools require you to build up your glossary before you truly see results. They focus on increasing your efficiency by using translation memory (TM). On the other hand, Termsoup goes beyond translation memory by creating instant features that help you look up terms quickly, including:

  • Highlight for query: Just highlight the word you want to query and a list of results from top dictionaries will appear on the right.

  • One-click to add term to glossary: Click on the word you want to add, type in its translation and you’re good to go.

  • Auto-suggest terms: Termsoup will also suggest terms that you may find handy.

These features give you an immediate boost to your translation experience, instead of waiting to set everything up.

The interface is specially designed for literary translators.

Termsoup is especially useful for literary translators. Our tool is built to help translators visualize the translation beyond just one sentence.

Unlike other tools that segment a document into single strings, Termsoup gives you options. You can view a translation in sentence or paragraph mode. Paragraph mode is essential for literary translators who are concerned about maintaining the style and flow of the original text.

At the same time, by having a simultaneous sentence mode, literary translators don’t forfeit the benefit of building translation memory with segment-based strings.

It’s affordable for freelancers.

We know that freelance translators are passionate about their craft, but they don’t usually make a ton of money. That’s why Termsoup is designed as an affordable CAT option for individuals.

The current rate for SDL Trados and memoQ is around 750€. These high price tags just won’t cut it for the average translator. Termsoup starts at $17/month for the Pro version, which is a much more reasonable price for the struggling freelancer. (We also hope that our tool will make translation easier and more profitable for you!)

It’s easy to collaborate.

Collaboration tools on other CAT programs can be tricky. First, because you often have to pay more to use them. And second, because they’re confusing or don’t have the user in mind.

We’ve designed our collaboration tools to mirror the user-friendly style of Google Drive. If you can share a Google doc, you already know how to share a Termsoup doc. All you have to do is click the person icon to add a collaborator. It couldn’t be easier!

It's easy to collaborate with your colleague on Termsoup!

No download or installation necessary.

Just open your browser and start translating on Termsoup. You don’t need to download a desktop application, which take up precious CPU usage and can cause your computer to crash.

Termsoup reflects how we work today: just get online and log into Termsoup to start your workday.

It’s compatible with operating systems other than Windows.

This feature speaks for itself, but we still wanted to mention it. Because you can use Termsoup on any browser, you don’t need any special operating system to run it. Simply click on your preferred browser to get started.

It auto-saves your work.

Auto-saving is a must-have these days. Termsoup constantly saves your translation so that you don’t lose a second of your hard-earned work.

We also go one step further and let you back up your files with Google Drive, if you want. The process is easy: just set up Google Drive auto backup to have a double layer of security.

Termsoup is an excellent CAT choice for a freelance translator - especially a literary translator - who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, but still would like a user-friendly experience.

Want to see for yourself? Try out a trial version of Termsoup today!

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