Why is our name Termsoup

Our founder, Joanne is a book translator. When translating long pieces of literature, we have to use specific language that corresponds to the right technical usage, level of politeness or specific meanings, and so we hope that our product is able to solve translators' roadblocks in searching for information, as much as possible. When we were pondering the name of our company, we suddenly thought of the concept of a "term."

We still wanted to have a livelier name though. Joanne had lived for a short spell in New York as a kid, and she thought about one of her favorite foods from back then: alphabet soup. With that memory in mind, we decided to combine both "term" and "soup" together and voila! Termsoup!



Joanne Chou

Joanne is an English-Chinese translator, a UI/UX designer, and the co-founder of Termsoup.