Main features

Upload file

Select source and target languages. Enter text and click "Translate" to start translating.

If your source text is in PDF format, please convert it to a Word document.

User interface

After the source texts is uploaded, it will be separated into paragraphs and sentences.. When using the translation mode, the left column will display paragraphs, the middle column will display sentences within that paragraph, and the right column will display translation features.

Translation features include: query term, preview paragraph, translation memory, comment, search/replace, and edit history. Query term is the default. To use the other features simply click on the feature icon.

Query terms

Click or highlight source text to query. The column on the right will show query results. Click on the results (words in green) to paste it into the text area. Clicking on the source term (words in blue) will add it to your glossary.

After adding a term to your glossary, whenever it appears again in the source text, the translation of the term will appear below the editing section. You can click on the term to paste it directly into the text area.


Click on the file that you wish to collaborate on and an action bar will appear on the upper right. After clicking on "Add collaborator", enter the collaborators' accounts and set permission. Finally, click "Add" to complete the process.

You may add an unregistered user as a collaborator.

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