March 23 2020

Making a personal glossary worth your while

March 15 2020

Leap over the CAT learning curve: Termsoup onboarding is here

You’ll find the top nine features on Termsoup and how to use them right away!
March 8 2020

How do I know Termsoup is the best CAT tool for me?

The main reason why translators love using Termsoup because it's easy to use, clean and simple interface, affordable price and more.
February 28 2020

5 Myths About Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) software

Many people think that it takes time to actually see how a CAT tool can help you with your translation. Well, it's NOT the case in Termsoup. 😉
January 9 2020

Why Termsoup Is The Best Alternative to Google Translator Toolkit

If you were a Toolkit user and are looking for an easy alternative, here’s why Termsoup might be the best option for you.
June 2 2019

As a translator, what value do you provide to your clients

When translators work directly with clients, there are opportunities to realize the value the client really wants through the translation.
April 26 2019

How to go through your transition period

Unless you have savings that allow you to live without income for a while, you'll go through a transition period where you have to work while developing in the new field.
April 20 2019

Defining your client is the first step to success

Translators making high-end incomes have all been working hard and creating "boutiques" that specialize in translations related to those niche areas.
March 18 2019

What value can translators get by developing direct clients

By developing direct client, translators have an opportunity to set up a long-term business partnership with them.
March 18 2019

Things translators should know before ending your relationship with translation agencies

Working with indirect clients isn't necessarily a bad thing, and conversely, working with direct clients isn't exactly all sunshine and roses.